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eastern mob attacks the u.s. embassy in syria. we are live with the latest. and not again? the tsa under fire after a stun gun is found on board a jetblue flight. andp children's hair, and granny's diapers and now this -- will they ever get it right? we begin with president obama calling congressional leaders back for more debt discussions at the white house after weekend talks failed to produce a breakthrough. this hour the president is huddleded with eight congressional leaders as well as vice president biden, working on what he says will be daily negotiations until a deal is reached to raise the debt limit, and avoid an august default deadline. with lofty budget goals crashing into the political reality, the president took his case for a grand bargain to the public today. >> now is the time to deal with
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these issues. if not now, when? i have been hearing from my republican friends for quite some time that it is a moral imperative for us to tackle our debt and our deficits in a serious way. so what i have said to them is let's go. the leaders in the room here at a certain point have to step up to do the right thing, regardless of the voices in the respective parties that are trying to undermine that effort. >> he will veto any piecemeal extension of the debate for 30 or 60 days, declaring that we will get this done by august 2nd. but any argument brings a ko counterargument, and here is what house speaker john boehner had to say an hour ago. >> the president continues to insist on raising taxes, and they are just not serious enough about fundamental entitlement reform, and it takes two to tango, and they are not there
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yet. >> it does indeed. both the president and the speaker boehner had been pushing for a massive deal, one that would have reduced spending by $4 trillion over the next decade. but if mr. boehner wanted to do a big deal, the majority leader eric cantor threw cold water all over it saying that the congressional republicans would reject any revenue increases as part of the deal. as for the president, he said that he is willing to take political hits from his own party, but not at the expense of struggling americans. >> i am prepared to take on significant heat from my party to get something done. i expect the other side should be willing to do the same thing if we are going to actually solve the problem, there are finite number of ways to do it. if you don't have revenues, it means you are putting more of a burden on the people who can least afford it. that's not fair.
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>> nbc's kristen welker is live at the white house. kristen, the president spoke about his willingness to take in his words significant heat from his own party in reaching a compromise, and he was clearly suggesting that the republicans must do the same, but will they? >> well, it is an interesting question at this point the two sides still seem deadlocked as you said. speaker boehner came out and reiterated the point that the republicans couldn't support anything that looked like a tax increase. it may just depend on how you define tax increase. president obama and the house democrats say they want a roll back of the tax breaks for welltwell t -- for wealthy americans and corporations, and today in his remarks president obama said that it would not begin until 2013, and will speaker boehner go back to sell it to the republicans? it seemed like they were moving in the right direction at the end of last week and it seemed like speaker boehner had been on board for a larger deal.
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but then, it fell apart over taxes. apparently, according to sources, he just could not sell it to the members of the party. we will have to see at the end of this meeting the they have made any progres and s and if t republicans have made any progress to sell the deal to the party, but at this point, it seems that they are deadlocked. >> kristen, you are standing a few yards from the discussions and what exactly is the atmosphere in there, and what are they talking about and how is the engagement between these two parties ongoing right at this moment. >> well, martin, yesterday's meeting was described as a bit tense and it is today that similar, because yesterday they did not have the ties on and it was a sunday, and we will tell you that today they do, and a bit symbolic they are getting down to real business, the hard bargaining potentially today, and that is what the president was calling for. he asked for each sides to bring specifics into the meeting. as you know, yesterday, it was
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more about the republicans saying that we can't support a large deal, so that the president said, okay, come back to me with what you can support. so, today, they will be looking at the nitty-gritty and potentially looking at what had been discussed in the biden talks when they had found $1.8 trillion in deficit reductions over the next decade. they will be looking at the figures to see if they can still hold, and if they can find more savings. >> kristen welker at the white house, thank you so much. so with the president saying he won't settle with the pea piecemeal extensions, what is next as the american economy is brought to the brink of a default in a matter of weeks? let's bring in our msnbc political analyst jonathan welter and christine from politico. so they have brought in a number of requests from grover norquist, but now, is the
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nation, america, on the edge of defaulting? >> according the house republicans, it is. they signed a pledge as grover norquist told me as he pushed the pledge across for me to look at it, it says no net tax increase, and that is what the pledge is that they signed, almost a religious pledge not to -- >> yes. >> so if they cut out the loophole say for corporate jets, that does not pass grover norquist test, because it is a net tax increase without a corresponding increase in taxes. so they don't believe you can use tax revenues as a way to drawdown the deficit, and he has republicans who are worried about the primary challenges which is the big worry who agree with him. so what you have here, martin, and it is interesting and not
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very well understood, the republican party is making a choice. they are saying that deficit reduction, which they have claimed for months is so important to them, that they don't want to put it all on our kids' credit card, and remember those lines. >> indeed. >> deficit reduction is not important to them, because they don't want to get there, because to get there, as even very conservative senators like tom cole bu coleburn and saxby chambliss say, they you have to have revenue increases, because it cannot all be spending cuts. the president has made for democrats a troubling proposal to have a ratio of 4 to 1 spending cuts to revenue increases. basically, you know, $4 trillion in cuts for $1 trillion in closing loopholes for rich people. they still can't accept that. they can't get serious yet about
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actually confronting the big problems that they claim to be interested in solving. >> christina, when we watched speaker boehner's press conference a hour ago he seemed sheepish as if he is not in control of the negotiating position. that is true, isn't it? because the puppet master at the moment is eric cantor and the tea party freshmen group in the congress? >> well, i would not use the term puppet master, but roll call had the scoop over the weekend that eric cantor and the vice president have continued to talk even after cantor walked away from the small group as they were working toward a deal of the debt, so there is a lot behind the scenes maneuvering here, and important to respond to jonathan's remarks that some of the senate republicans are looking to go away from norquist when he took away the subsidies of ethanol, and the house caucus is much more conservative than th that, and the first question, martin, is that not all of the house freshmen republicans
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believe that the united states would default. many of them say that there is still wiggle room and more time can be bought no matter what treasury secretary geithner says, and they don't believe it is as dire as it is. >> this is so dangerous, because it is ignorant people feeding the constituent, because let's call it what they say, and if some freshman member of congress who goes back who has just arrived in washington doesn't know anything, let's face it about economics, and they say that they know more than the house of the international monetary fund on the sunday show saying this is going to bring a disaster, and the secretary treasury and the representatives of both governments is disgusting. >> and this makes the democrats more important in all of this, because normally the party in power votes for the debt ceiling and the party not in power can vote against it when you don't
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have this luxury of this power system, but the democrats are going to have to join them to make it happen, because boehner is going to lose a good number of his republicans on the vote, so he has to rely on nancy pelosi to get votes on his own. >> that is absolutely true, but what more can the president give? it is a 3 to 1 ratio and possibly 4 to 1. >> yes. >> and what else can he do? i mean, this is not a negotiation. this is holding a man hostage. >> well, you could argue he is in a pretty good position right now and when the country responds, we will find that ra lot of the tea party folks believe that deficit reduction is more important than holding line on any, any closing of tax loop hoefls or revenue increases, even if it is on the super rich. if you talk to the tea party folks as i have and you ask them to make a hobson's choice and i
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say, i'm going the rhetorically put a gun to your head right now, what is more important to you huge deficit cuts or holding the line on any tax increase? and to a person they say, huge deficit cuts. that is what we are about. we want to protect the future of our country, and you can say that the tea party folks are, you know, have some merits on the side to make that argument. they are concerned about our grandchildren as a lot of people are. so i think that there is a sort of cognitive dissonance here between where the country is and particularly the tea party and where the washington republicans are, and they are not representing their constituents accurately. they are worried about primary challenges and they are not looking to the larger interests of the country. it is very unfortunate. >> jonathan alter, and christine bellatoni, thank you for joining us. and did two republican
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president obama pledging today to fush limipush the limi solving a debt crisis, but the pledges of the republicans to pledge no new taxes may thwart the plans. meanwhile, michele bachmann and rick santorum are backtracking from controversial pledges of their own. both are the first signatories of the iowa document to uphold traditional marriages and it reads that a child born into slavery in 1860 was more likely to be raised by his mother and
3:16 pm
father in a two-parent household than an african-american baby born after the election of the usa's first african-american president. remarkable. i'm joined by goldie taylor and contributing editor for good afternoon. now, this statement, and i have to say that both of the candidates have now withdrawn in the light of this pledge that they discovered, but it sounded like to me something of a freudian slip that this organization does believe that african-american children were better off if their parents were slaves. >> who is to say what they believe or don't believe, but to say that african-american children were better off in 1860 as opposed to 2011 is, you know a bit more than a freudian slip, it is an outright racist slap is what it is.
3:17 pm
to say that black children living on a plantation with both parents during that time is simply historically wrong. you know, black fathers were typically sold off away from the family, and so typically, you know, those children were not raised by two parents in 1860, let alone by two parents who give them love today. i will say about 1860, it was the last time there was full employment by african-americans. >> and the last time the president was elected made the comment of irresponsible fathers particularly in relation to african-american families, so there is some truth in the story or none whatsoever? >> it is absolutely clear and critical that we talk about absentee fathers in 2011, whether they are black fathers or white father or hispanic fathers, and yes, there is a crisis today in terms of whether or not fathers can be present
3:18 pm
and accountable for the children. and i would assert if there is a worthy pledge to be put out there, it is a pledge to work on a daily basis to make sure that parents have the resources, and remove the barriers that are necessary to keep the families intact as long as possible, and that is a pledge that we are willing to get behind. >> not in 1860. >> but to apply it to 1860 and the plight of people of color in 1860s is a flat out racist statement. >> another gop favorite in the headlines this week, sarah palin. she has been interviewed in "newsweek" magazine or a big feature about her and she thinks that she can win the election, and she has a new post on the facebook where she refers to the president as a sugar daddy. >> she does, indeed. i have to wonder about sarah palin. i wonder about -- >> you understand a sugar daddy to be a pimp? >> that is exactly what it is. and what she is saying is that the american taxpayers have been the big government's sugar daddy
3:19 pm
all of the year, and in the piece it says that he is now out of sugar. i think that's pret te bad metaphor for her to use, and i don't know how much of her own stuff she writes or doesn't write, and i don't know if she knows what it means or doesn't mean, but what i would say to her or rick santorum or michele bachmann, that, you know, this is not just about the little america, but al of america. all of them. >> but isn't sarah palin media baiting and she wants the media attention she makes from the comments. it is not racist thing, is it? >> she's in the same place herman cain is two weeks ago, grasping for air and searching for relevancy, and she is not a person who can win the republican nomination, and you know, now we have a woman in the race michele bachmann who can actually win the race unfortunately, the nomination, and so she is going to gasp for air at this time, and that is what these facebook posts are about. this is about continuing the
3:20 pm
fueling of the book sales and the reality shows and the revenue streams that are her speaker's tour. that is what is it is really about. but unfortunately, she steps in it more often than not when it comes to the appropriate wording for something. so what i understand about big deficits and these things have to be cured and responsible stewards of the tax dollars, sugar daddy is a wrong word to use, but if she knew anything about the other america she would not have used that. >> and used that about the president. goldie taylor, thank you for your insight. >> thank you. and the u.s. embassy under attack in syria, and we will have a report there as violence flares once again. [ female announcer ] it follows you wherever you go.
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3:24 pm
gathered around the residence of ambassador who they described as a dog. richard engle is joining us live from cairo. richard? >> this was a menacing act by supporters of the government, but it was mostly symbolic according to u.s. officials. american diplomatic personnel were never in any serious or imminent danger. these thugs were bussed in by four buses, and they got out in front of the u.s. bembassy and prepared with large syrian flags, and they tried to break through very thick security glass and shattering the security glass, but not able to break through it. that glass is designed not to actually break, but it did splinter apart. there was also an attack on the french embassy, a similar scene
3:25 pm
there, but french officials, french security personnel had to fire some warning shots in the air. this outburst against the u.s. and french embassies, this anger was apparently inspired by reports in the syrian media, and syrian media backed by the government which has been having an aggressive campaign against the u.s. and french embassies in damascus after the two ambassadors of those countries, the u.s. ambassador, and ambassador ford and the french ambassador went to the city of hama where they were expressing solidarity with the demonstrators who had been denouncing the regime of bashar al assad. >> richard engle, live in cairo, thank you very much indeed. next, simple question, how did a stun gun end up on board a jetblue flight? the tsa under fire once again. stay with us again. ♪ monkey don't you know you are
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just when we thought that we had the heard last of the complaints of the transportation security edadministration, alon comes another incident. a stun gun discovered on a jetblue flight after it arrived at newark's liberty airport. a stun gun was found disguised as a cell phone device. we are provided with this statement. the tsa employs multiple layers of security to minimize risk, deter future attacks and protect the traveling public. those layers include checkpoint screenings, technology, federal air marshals, fortified cockpiter doors and armed pilots and others seen and unseen. we are told that an fbi investigation is under way. we are joined by the pt residen
3:30 pm
of flight group. we don't know who carried this device on the plane, but is this an indication that there are still lapses in security? >> it is absolutely incredible that the tsa can continue to make blanket statements about their effectiveness when they have gone completely tone deaf. they are completely oversized, and they never catch a terrorist at a checkpoint. we will never know most likely who got the stun gun on the plane, because the groundworkers are not screened, the vendors who go into the airport are not screened nor are the products screened. so a terrorist doesn't have to be carrying a stun gun to get through tsa to have a stun gun to show up inside of an airport to ckacarry on a plane if they e so inclined. >> at the same time we hear about elderly people wheelchair bound having their diapers
3:31 pm
removed and 6-year-olds being patted down and we even hear about an african-american woman whose hair was examined, and yet, there goes the stun gun. >> and we hear about people a gentleman a couple of weeks ago who was taking free flights with expired boarding passes from other people whose name did not match his identification which never should have been allowed through tsa because it was not ap proper identification that tsa should have accepted. he called himself a frequent flyer. so what we have here is pure security theater made to make us think that we are safer, and i say wake up, america. we need true safety. we need to completely revolutionize tsa and make them sma smarter, and tsa needs to stop being tone deaf to the cries of the american flying public, because we are sicked and tired of flying, because of their, the way that they treat sus totally diluting our constitutional rights as far as we are concerned. >> and yet nobody at tsa takes
3:32 pm
responsibility for the lapse after lapse after lapse. >> that is right. ralph nader and myself sent a letter to janet napolitannapoli mr. pistole for a meeting, and it is as if they said they don't want to listen to us or hear what we have to say. i equate it to effective and large amounts of lobbying coming from the companies that make the technology in the airports which doesn't catch a stun gun, which won't catch an explosive that is made out of high density or low-density powder or liquid slurries which they claimed at first they would. and we are being sold a bill of goods that is costing us trillions of dollars a year, and it has to stop. >> from what you are saying, it seems to me that you think it is unsafe to fly in america, is that true? >> i do. in fact, i think that the tsa has made us less safe, and why i say that is if you are told you
3:33 pm
are safe when you are not, you are not going to be looking around and advocating for yourself, and looking for threats on your own as a member of the flying public. you are relying on tsa to be their word and be the safety they say they are. and if they are not safe, we need to know that so that we can better prepare for our flights and know what we are up against. 1 100% of the mail in the u.s. belly of the aircraft is not being screened. how could they put us on an aircraft and tell us that we are safe when that is the case? >> kate hanni, i wish i could answer that question. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. there is no doubt that u.s. relationships with iran and pakistan are both complex and problematic. earlier we reported on the defense secretary leon panetta discussing iranian arms in the hands of the iraqi insurgents and the obama administration is confirming that $800 million in
3:34 pm
military aid where osama bin laden was captured will be held. michael hamlin is director of research and senior policy fellowt ta brookings institute, and he joins us now. michael, we have heard of the iranian arms being used against the american forces in iran, and how do you stop it? is there anything that the administration can do to coerce the iranians to stop supplying arms to insurgents? >> well, it is a great question and serious question, because several hundred americans at a minimum and sol some of your co, the brits, have died at the hands of iranian weaponry. it is a lower number, but now it is rearing its ugly head again. and now iraqi forces have to be the focus there, so if you are focusing on iraq, the border securities are adequate that if president nuri maliki wants to go after the extremists inside
3:35 pm
of iraq, he can do so and we are encouraged that he did so recently, but after a long delay. that is the answer in iraq. it depends country by country, but in iraq, maliki has to be willing to go after the shia thugs, and he is starting to do so again. >> but what about places in afghanistan where there are stories and continuing reports that iranian munitions and arms are arriving there. >> you are right. it is an ongoing concern. i have to put it in perspective though, because this is nothing from the weaponry coming in from iran. because if you look at that coming in from pakistan is two times less than iran. that doesn't mean it is insignificant, and we have to look for the trends in the weaponry, because if it is escalating in a major way, we have to think about responses and those could include the full range none of which are satisfying, but we may have to put more forces in the west of afghanistan and devote more afghan capability to the western border which is one of the
3:36 pm
defensive things you can do and think of some offensive actions. >> indeed. now, we are guard to pakistan, isn't withholding $800 million potentially self-injurious, because we, america, is relying on the pakistan army to fight radical islamic terrorists in their own backyard without those fund, and doesn't that stymie our attempt to fight al qaeda? >> absolutely. this is a very tough no-win situation, but the administration has the right goldilocks operation, not too hot or too cold. if you cut often all aid to pakistan, it will return the relationship to the '90s which gave us this problem in the first place. when pakistan had no other geostrategic options, they went back to the taliban and we don't want to send them back to the policy approach, and if we do that they would cut off our own access logistics in the country, but if you keep rewarding them with the business as usual approach, you not signaled to them how seriously you take their lack of cooperation in the
3:37 pm
operations. and moreover, the $800 million is not the money we can spend. it is not a punishment, but the new reality they have created. it is the just right approach, and doesn't mean it can work, but i can't think of a better policy operation by the united states. >> what would you be looking for pakistan to do to reassure america that the money can be redispersed? >> well, they have kicked out a lot of our agents and refused to act on specific tips that we have given them about the locations of hideouts or caches, weapons caches for the haqqani networks or other insurgents operating inside of afghanistan or pakistani sanctuaries and i want to see them go after the haqqani network and the broader group in north waziristan and other areas that are so deadly. if they can up their game on that, we can talk about not only restoring previous aid, but
3:38 pm
other cooperation, but there has to be a sense that the pakistan does not view haqqani and other groups as their insurance policy trying to essentially kill a few americans now, so that if we leave too soon, they have a backup plan. that is unacceptable. we have to convey that to them. if they can change the calculus, we can perhaps be better partners than in the past. >> michael hamlin, as ever, thank you for your broad expertise on these issues. thank you. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> when we come back, you won't believe how a fast-acting conductor may have saved a train full of passengers from a fiery explosion. stay with us. ♪
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welcome back. my colleague veronica de la cruz is in the newsroom with stories developing right now. what is happening, veronica? >> thank you, martin. we begin with a terrifying ride for passengers on a down east passenger train that crashed on to the tracks of berwick this
3:42 pm
morning. the train was set on fire and shooting flames three stories into the sky. martin, according to the witnesses the conductor managed to jump from the burning front car and able to unhook it from the rest of the train. one passenger car did catch on fire, but all of the passengers survived. pretty amazing work there by the conductor. >> amazing and heroic. thank you, ver ron ra. next the hacking scandal that refuses to die and could take down even more of the world's most powerful media emp pyre. stay with us. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker... whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil now and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪ didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea.
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i'm kayla with the cnbc market wrap. here are how the stocks are
3:46 pm
doing. the dow is down 156 points, and the s&p down 125 points and the nasdaq down 57 just over 2%. americans borrowed over $5 billion in may, racking up debt for the eighth straight month. they say that increasing home equity and auto loans is a sign of confidence, but rising credit card could be an indication that folks are falling on hard times yet again, and that is probably not far from the truth at least according to the american bankers association which says that more people are struggling to pay the credit card bills on time. that's pushing the credit card delinquency rate to 3.4%, but one positive data point for consumers is gas prices. they finally dropped by a penny in the last two weeks. the national average for a gallon of regular gas is now $3.62 and that is it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. martin, back over to you. >> thank you, kayla. there is no containing the scandal that has rupert murdoch's media empire in the uk on the ropes. british prime minister gordon brown has come forword and saying that journalists from
3:47 pm
murdoch's media groups have been trying to illegally trying to obtain private information from him for years. and new reports today of the news of the world newspapers paid offices in the personal protection branch for personal details about the queen and other senior members of the royal family. we are joined by stephanie gosk in london. stephanie, anybody in high office from royalty to government whose phone has not been hacked? >> well, you are starting to sound like everyone has been affected. the door has opened up a little bit and now it is a tidal wave of accusations. and anyone with a ax to grind with rupert murdoch is coming out of the woodworks. there is a perception that the tabloid culture had gotten out of control in the country, and that they answered to no one. they weirded e n wielded enormof
3:48 pm
power and face nd no authority, and now authority is calling and now it is that rupert murdoch's business is affected. you had prime minister nick clag coming out publicly saying that murdoch needs to back off of a deal to merge with one of the most influential tv networks here in this country, because this scandal has grown so big and the public anger is so great. martin? >> do you think, stephanie, that murdoch's plan to take over the remaining 70% of bskyb is now r irreparably damaged? >> a lot of people here are say that it is, and what is happening is that there was a vote in parliament to delay any decision on whether or not this was a competitive merger or not, and that vote has gone away, but it has gone on to a competitive
3:49 pm
commission agency that is going to look at it and evaluate whether it is competitive or not, but basically what people are saying is that because of the scandal, because the reputation of news corps has been damaged so much that the government is not going to approve this merger, and it is going to undermine this $14 billion proposal. >> stephanie, thank you so much. it is great to see you in london as opposed to in a conflict zone or civil war zone. great to see you, again. >> thanks. it is nice to be here. and now we turn to the often unspeakable horror of women forced into sexual slavery here in america. to protect the victims and assure their anonymity, we have decided not to show their faces, and when you hear the stories, you will understand why. my colleague richard lui joins me with the story. >> yes, good afternoon, martin. over 350,000 people are trafficked and enslaved in the u.s. every year and their salvation can be agents that would normally arrest them.
3:50 pm
>> reporter: the this is an i.c.e. agent. immigration and customs i.c.e.'s normal mission, kick out undocumented immigrants. >> when you think of immigration when you think of special agents with immigration and customs enforcement they think of the enemy. think of people that are going to deport them. >> reporter: why do you help the undocumented immigrants? >> because they were tricked, forced or coerced and had no idea they would be forced into prostitution. >> reporter: this woman was one of them for more than seven years. >> i can hardly walk. that is the worst days in my life. it's very hard, but, yes. >> reporter: 100? >> yeah. >> reporter: she is one example of what traffickers think they're victims are worth. >> nothing more than a money generating profit item.
3:51 pm
that's it. they brought back slavery. >> reporter: this woman and others held in these houses qualified for t visas. t as in trafficking. a special visas for those who testify against traffickers meant to protect them from retribution. what would they do if they didn't have the t visa? >> we would have to deport them and never have these cases. >> reporter: that happens here when an immigration officer receives a file like they they need to start with these nine pages to make a determination whether this human trafficking applicant to stay in the united states or must return to their country. >> this is enpowerment. we're helping them go forth and conquer their victimization. this is the actual application. >> reporter: deciding the fate of the applicants. >> these are lies. files, yes, but we understand every person.
3:52 pm
>> reporter: but going after traffickers is underutilized. of the 5,000 available last year, only 447 were grantsed. why? getting the word out is a problem and many victims fear federal agents. >> we're not going to deport them. we're not going to -- you're not going to be arrested by us. you are a victim. we are -- our goodell is al is you. >> reporter: what is your life like today? >> it's beautiful. beautiful. i feel strong, a strong woman. >> reporter: she has a job now and new friend, including the federal agent she calls her angel. >> it's not just a name. not just an alien phone number but a person, it's a soul. >> reporter: they can laugh now and celebrate a victory over slavery in america. >> now, that immigration agent served on former president george w. bush's secret service detail but decided locking up brutal traffickers that trick women like the weren't you saw
3:53 pm
there was more important. for more information, martin, go to enslaved in >> richard, a story of redemption. thank you so much. we'll be right back. [ barks ] ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ [ whistles ] ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ [ ting! ] [ male announcer ] travelers can help you protect the things you care about and save money with multi-policy discounts.
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[ male announcer ] if you find a lower rate on a room you've booked, we won't just match it. we'll give you $50 towards your next trip. [ gnome ] it's go time. it's time to clear the air and in a remarkable moment of candor, senate republican leader mitch mcconnell delivered his view of the american criminal justice system. speaking on his favorite television network, mr. mcconnell pointed to the casey anthony murder trial as an example for why terrorist suspects should never be tried in a federal court. >> we just battled the caylee anthony case, how difficult it is to get a conviction in a u.s. court. i don't think they're protected to all the entitlements of the bill of rights. it should not be in u.s. courts. >> it would appear mr. mcconnell believes casey anthony should have been convicted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, even though the jury unanimously
3:57 pm
acquitted her of all charges, those of lying to investigators. second and more importantly, mr. mcconnell seems to be trashing article 3 of the united states constitution, which says, krill nall suspects have a constitutional right to a trial by jury. this right was expanded upon in the sixth amendment which says any accused person should enjoy a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury. but this isn't the kind of justice that mr. mcconnell likes to mete out. he likes a system that places him in the position of judge and jury. he dismisses the casey anthony acquittal, even when prosecutors themselves felt compelled to respect the jury's verdict. and when it comes to terrorist suspects, i'd imagine he's prefer they were condemned without any trial whatsoever. mr. mcconnell's view of justice is not that dissimilar to his view of presidential politics. you'll remember that the moment barack obama was elected, he
3:58 pm
said that his chief goal, his most important ambition, was to ensure that president obama was a one-term president. and this, despite a majority of americans, expressing a clear preference for mr. obama. he didn't talk about the perilous state of the economy. the increasing disparity between rich and poor and the entrenched conflicts in afghanistan and iraq. no. his number one priority was the removal of president obama. mr. mcconnell thinks he knows best. he is the judge and the jury. but thankfully there is a constitution in this country and we should be mightily relieved that mr. mcconnell sits in the senate and not on the supreme court. thank you very much for watching. dylan ratigan picks things up. dylan, how's it going? >> very well. nice to see you. happy summer to you. >> thank you very much. same to you. >> happy to be back ear in new york city. i shaved my beard off. put oun a suit. >> had you a beard?
3:59 pm
>> i'm actually going to -- once again manifest myself as an anchorman here in new york city. and we begin, in fact, right now. "t "the dylan ratigan show." well, good afternoon to you as well. but the big story, no big deal. republicans refusing the president's $4 trillion in cuts opting instead for half that number. the reason, now they say they want no new taxes a steamy but happy monday here in new york city. i'm dylan ratigan and the president wrapping up another debt meeting at the white house. what, if anything, is coming from the bickering is anyone's guess. it seems the so-called middle deal, a little over $2 trillion in cuts over the next cade is where the action is. of course it doesn't solve any of the problems, just perpetuates the two-party political system bought by the major

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